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iKKar is passionate about health through nutrition and micronutrition. iKKar concept is about decreasing toxins in Food, body detoxification, equilibrating body functions, strengthening cells protection mechanisms and repairing cellular free radicals. We focus on the well-being of everybody. We have a special focus on athletes, who quickly exhaust their reserves of reparative molecules for cells as well as seniors with similar issues. The first product range based on this iKKar-concept is now available. It reinforces protective properties, actions to preserve body cells, and brings cocktails of interest molecules based on micronutrients suitable antioxidants. This range is available in "4G", "7G" and "9G"
Eric Verheecke

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Odenth 2016

iKKar went to the Odenth Meeting in “La Rochelle” 26th, 27th et 28th May. We presented our micronutrional program for dentists’ patients. The objectif is to reduce inflammation with natural products.

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What our clients say

I took ikkar plant-preparations during a very difficult business period.
I found what was necessary, in terms of working capacity and concentration,
to reach my goals and to put back my company on the way to success.



Patrick Froment - Chairman & CEO - 120 Employees

I used iKKar solutions to prepare the Menthon raid. I progressed, recovered faster and, especially, was not sick after the races. It is a real success and an excellent experience !



Aline GRETZ, Physiotherapist

I tried iKKar Product during one month to prepare the semi-marathon of Annecy. It was a really success during the race and for recuperation and I am healthy.



Elisabeth Robinot - Marketing Professor

Our skills

Gate 1 (www.gate1.fr) is an external consulting company in charge of project development. They did an audit of our business and concept. The results are here
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Our Values

Sustainable Development


We use only natural products cultivated with sustainable agricultural methods. We put the human being as the center of sustainable development.


Aging Our team have generated a process and solutions for well-being and we want to share this experience with a large public

Natural Health

sports-healthy We are micronutrition specialists. We are micronutrition specialists. We use natural products such as roots leaves and fruits. Using theses natural ressources bring high bioavailability of wonderful elements

Some facts about us

Molecules of Interest
Hours of Recuperation after a Marathon
Hours of Recuperation after 9 hours JetLag
Hours of Recuperation after an iron man


Eric Verheecke

Eric Verheecke

Eric Verheecke is “Arts et Metiers” engineer and MBA holder. Eric is specialised in R&D project management. Eric has proven compentences in physics with biological risk control and associated models. Eric is co-founder of iKKar Concept.

Léo Trespeuch

Léo Trespeuch

Leo Trespeuch is a world university champion and project co-creator. He manages sport side of the project. He’s Phd marketing theases is about setting up to start a crowdfunding campain.